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Summarize and introduce basic knowledge of human anatomy


Human physiology, put simply, is the science of how a human body works. Anatomy, with which physiology is frequently confused, is the study of what the body is made up of. The human body is composed of multiple systems that work together to ensure the proper functioning of the body. A lot of the systems are interconnected and some of the components of one system might additionally be a component of, or serve an additional function in, another system. Circulatory system heart is accountable for pumping blood around the body through its veins and arteries. Skin, nails and hair as well as perspiration glands.

The brain carries out thought, and is able to produce emotions and of processing the senses i.e. Sight, odor, taste, touch and hearing. Immunity system protects or tries to defend the body from illness and disease. If any foreign body enters and try to attack the body, the immunity system sends proteins to try and destroy them. Every one of those systems have their very own fields of physiology that are studied usually as separate modules. Students with a certain liking or bias towards one area might choose to go on to become specialists in that field. Research into the immunity system would help with present day conditions like AIDS, and physicians researching this area of physiology, being immunology, would become an immunologist. 

Human physiology is a fascinating subject and only one of many fields of science that physicians study on their way to becoming a general practitioner or surgeon. As well as being essential in the medical field, good knowledge of human physiology is also vital for sports professionals like coaches and physiotherapists. In addition in the world of complementary medicine therapies, like acupuncture and massage, it’s extremely important to understand how a body works in order to be capable to administer treatment efficiently without damaging the body. Stephanie Gaetti is a professional in anatomy of human body and runs a very successful and popo blog about anatomy of human body and physiology.