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Commentary on the cause of the stroke.


Oxygen supply to the brain

Definition of stroke in convention medicine perspectiveStroke is defined as a condition of circulation of blood in any part of the body is blocked, causing oxygen not to be delivered to the brain, leading to some cells in the brain to die off and can’t regenerate or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, causing the cells in the brain to be deprived of oxygen in the blood, they die and never come back. Embolus – This is the condition caused by forming of a blood clot that develops due to harm of body tissues and migrates to the other part of the body then blocks the carotid arteries somewhere else within the body, resulting in clots in the small vessels of the brain and interrupts the oxygen supply to certain regions of brain causing cells in that region die off.

Flaccid type

Flaccid type is caused by collapse of yangqin can be in very excessive state with collapse of yang, causing the rise of extreme cold syndromes that stop the flow of blood or allow only a little blood circulation to the nerve system, due to the channels, leading evil Wind blocking the channels that are needed to nourish the cells in the central system. Tense type is caused by the collapse of Yi. In the degree of severity) In a mild case, only channels are damaged, the stroke causes only local paralysis the limbs and deviation of eye and mouth with no loss of consciousness and no coma.

High blood pressure increases the risk

An unhealthy diet high in saturated and trans fats causes low-density lipoprotein building up in the blood vessels in the brain, blocking oxygen delivery to the cells, which increases the potential risk of stroke. High blood pressure level also causes the blood vessels of the brain to harden and thin, that increases the potential risk of stroke. Cigarettes contain high degrees of cadmium that cause the blood to clot activity of cells in the result of blocking the flow of blood and damage to blood vessels in the brain. Excessive drinkingModerate drinking is good for your heart, but excessive drinking can raise levels of some fats inside your blood causing cholesterol to build right up in the arteries and blood vessels in the brain leading to increase of the potential risk of stroke. Diabetes mellitus with unhealthy diet causes high blood sugar levels that harm nerves and blood vessels, resulting in complications like heart problems and stroke, the leading causes of death among people with diabetes. Obesity – a BMI of 30 or higher study shows that even after adjusting for other stroke risk factors like high blood pressure level, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol levels, smoking, cardiac diseases, moderate alcohol consumption, and physical exercise, obesity is still associated with a greater risk of stroke in women and men.