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The coordination between the brain and the musculoskeletal system.


What’s motor coordination? This is the coordination between the brain and the musculoskeletal system. You’re able to walk straight without falling because of this. You’re able to shift positions and turn instantly when running because of this. The brain is the one who controls the coordination and the role of the muscles and bones is to respond accordingly. There are various factors that may affect the coordination of individuals. Among the factors that experts suggest is genetics. They say that the genetic composition of your DNA has a big role in the coordination of your brain and muscles. This is mainly since your DNA tells you who you’re and how your body will move.

non-exact reproductio

Nevertheless, this study is still in progress until now. There are various different types and properties of coordination. The first one is known as non-exact reproduction. This is the one who enables you to stand up, walk, run, pick up things and do other simple things such as pouring milk into a glass. These movements are called non-exact movements because each time you do them, there are very different results. Your muscles don’t actually position themselves in the same place as the previous one. It might be that whenever you pour water into a glass the next time, your elbows are a little higher than whenever you poured previously.

The combination

The 2nd type is known as the combination. This one enables you to do two things continuously without having to think. This is when your body automatically moves according to what combination movements it’s been used to. For example, whenever you pick up a bottle of soft drinks, you automatically open it and pour it in a glass, if not, drink it straight. There are also times when the combination is processed at the very last level. For example, after opening the bottle, you might reach your hand to give it to somebody else. It can also be that you simply picked up the bottle to put it in the fridge. 

Combination involves different activities

Since combination involves different activities, there are also certain levels of organization that take place. It’s nearly impossible to perfectly study muscle coordination. One reason behind this is due to the so-called degree of freedom. The body may do one thing in thousands of ways. This alone makes the brain organize different procedures and store it in the musculoskeletal reflexes of the body. You should always look after the coordination of your muscles and bones. Make certain you have the right reflexes and reactions to certain circumstances. In order to keep yourself and your body alert, you shouldn’t exhaust your body too much. Fatigue is one reason why individuals lose their coordination.