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The brain collides with the skull and causes serious brain damage.


When a person’s brain hits the steering wheel or dash panel of an automobile, the brain is thrown into the front portion of the skull, frequently causing serious sheering and laceration of the gelatinous gray matter. As the brain slams up against the protrusions on the inside of the skull, it begins to bleed. As the brain bleeds and swells, it’s forced progressively toward the opposite side of the head, which can then cause significant, even more, obvious brain damage.

Open head injuries

Open head injuries are ones that have the structure of the skull and the fluid surrounding the brain compromised. A gunshot wound to the head will be considered an open head injury since something, in this case, a bullet penetrated the skull and invaded the brain’s precious space.

A closed head injury

A closed head injury is one wherein the skull remains intact, and the closed system of fluid and blood is still isolated from the environment. For many years the medical field presumed that simply because a head injury was closed as opposed to open it meant that the impending brain harm will be less severe or substantial.

problems that internal swelling

Nevertheless, over the last decade or so, it’s come to like the problems that internal swelling can bring about. While an open head injury has a greater chance for tearing of brain tissue and the patient ultimately bleeding out, the closed head injury brings along with its own set of problems namely, swelling. The human skull isn’t flexible. It’s nowhere for the fluid and blood to go as opposed to the knee that will swell if hit with moderate force. That forces the brain to be pushed to the opposite side of the skull following a closed head injury. 


Consequently, following a motorized vehicle accident wherein the vehicle hits a tree or other immobile object on the driver’s side, the driver might experience left side paralysis. Since the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, we’d expect that the right side will be paralyzed. But it’s the swelling of a closed head injury that frequently paralyzes an individual on the side which came to a sudden stop first. So if someone’s head hits the dash panel in a motorized vehicle accident, the brain which is traveling at a fairly high rate of speed stops instantaneously. The frontal lobes are forced on the inside of the skull, which, as we already stated, is full of sharp protrusions. Think of a water balloon. If you drop it onto the floor or ground, it’ll deform or squish before it bounces. The brain is the same way. That is why an individual might lose the capability to move his arms and legs completely or smoothly. The cerebellum, Latin for the little brain, has been affected.