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Brain exercise and activity that works the 5major cognitive functions


Bernard Croislle, M.D. Neurology, Ph.D. Neuropsychology – Many individuals are dedicated to exercise to bulk up their bodies, but the phrase using it or lose it applies to over just the muscles in our bodies it also applies to the neural pathways and connections in our brains. There are a number of brain exercises and activities that may successfully work each one of the brains five main cognitive functions on a regular basis.

5 daily brain exercises

Here are 5 daily brain exercises that will help you do that. 1 Memory – Memory plays an essential role in all activity cognitive, including reading, reasoning, and mental calculation. There are various types of memory at work in the brain. Taken together, these are the cognitive skills we can notice most when they start to fail. To keep a good memory, you need to train for it, which can be easier than you think. Listening to music isn’t just enjoyable, but by choosing a song you do not know and memorize the lyrics, you boost the level of acetylcholine, the chemical that can help build your brain, and improve your memory skills.

These challenges help build new associations

Challenge yourself even more by showering or getting dressed in the dark or utilizing your opposite hand to brush your teeth. These challenges help build new associations between different neural connections of the brain. Improve your memory with this HAPPYneuron game. 2 Attention – Attention is needed in nearly all daily tasks. Good attention allows you to maintain concentration despite noise and distractions and also to concentrate on a number of activities at once. We may improve our attention by simply changing our routines. Change your route to work or reorganize your desk both will force your brain to wake up from bits and pay attention again. 

Attention span may diminish

As we age, our attention span may diminish, making us more susceptible to distraction and not as efficient at multitasking. By combining activities like listening to an audiobook with jogging or doing mathematics in your head while you drive forces your brain to work to do more in the same period of time – Improve your attention with this HAPPYneuron game. 3 Language – Language activities will challenge our capacity to recognize, remember and understand words. They also exercise our fluency, grammatical skills, and vocabulary. With regular practice, you can broaden your knowledge of new words and a lot more easily retrieve words that are familiar.

Let’s be exposed to new words

For instance, if you usually only thoroughly read the sports section, try reading a few in-depth business articles. You will be exposed to new words, that are simpler to understand when reading in context or easier to look upon a dictionary site if you’re reading the news online. Take time to comprehend the word in its context, that will assist you to build your language skills and recover the word more readily in front of your boss in the future. Improve your attention with this HAPPYneuron game. 4 Visual-Spatial – We live in a colorful, 3-dimensional world.