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Do You Know ORCA?? Introducing Superfoods for Your Brain


To be tagged as a Superfood for the mind, the food must contain substantial quantities of nutrients which have been demonstrated by research to assist its functions are maintained by the mind from age 40, or to prevent it. By countering the effects of free radicals that causes stress, rich foods as quantified by their ORAC scores may reduce the danger of brain degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Another vitamin C contributes during the synthesis to mental health. Another nutritional supplement is acid, necessary for other metabolism pathways and nucleic acid synthesis essential to brain function that is healthful and normal.

Folates are proven to lower homocysteine levels preventing injury. The standards for a superfood for your brain implies a serving of the food should have an ORAC score of one thousand and contain twelve or more milligrams of vitamin C OR 80 micrograms of folate. The SuperfoodsBlackberries are a superfood to Get your mind as one serving of blackberries has an ORAC score of almost 8, 000. A study on animals showed that foods may prevent consequences of associated brain degeneration of coordination and balance. This study also has shown that the phytochemicals found in vegetables and fruits can, in fact, reverse abnormality in behavior and nerve cells.

Blackberries are rich in the anti-oxidant, vitamin C, with one serving providing 50% of your daily requirement. Vitamin c helps protect the mind from the consequences of free radicals, and thru neurotransmitter synthesis, allows the mind to function normally. Blackberries have some folate that helps lower homocysteine levels thus preventing harm to nerve cells. Blueberries are anti-oxidant rich with only one serving of blueberries having an ORAC score of 9, 697. As with blackberries, blueberry might prevent age-related brain degeneration like loss of memory and loss of balance and coordination. Blueberries may also help reverse abnormality in behavior and nerve cells. A cup of blueberry is also rich in vitamin C that through neurotransmitter synthesis, helps the regular function of the brain. Raspberry is high in anti-oxidants with only one serving of raspberries having an ORAC score of over 6, 000.