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Blueberry Can be Efficient in Turning The Clock Back on Age-related Mental Deterioration.


Spain isn’t on top of the list of nations known for their blueberry production. From the rats into that extract was fed, the Barcelona researchers published a study that showed that blueberry is loaded with mind function nutrients, those nutrients permeated the bloodbrain barrier in Apr of 2005. Those rats had the learning and memory centers of their brains awash. The findings said the rats were given extract for about eight to ten weeks. The Barcelona scientists were back, now in the August issue of Pharmacological Research four months later. They found their performance had improved, and analyzed rats that had obtained extract for 30 days.

One of their conclusions was that peppermint may contain chemicals useful in preventing. The findings of both studies were important, the first since research had demonstrated that blueberry had in reversing the age-associated decrease in the neuron signaling capacity of the brain compounds effectively. If these components penetrated the blood-brain barrier, it was not known. The 2nd study was important because it affirmed the results of the 1999 study done at Tufts University in Boston. The Tufts study showed that had declines in neuronal and cognitive capacities as they age. Even more remarkable, rats which didn’t receive the blueberry extract till that the age of nineteen months experienced a reversal of the age-associated cognitive failure.

The Tufts research appears to indicate that blueberry, along with other foods with high concentrations of antioxidants, can be efficient in turning the clock back on age-related mental deterioration. Those benefits apparently do not stop with preventing or reversing memory and cognitive loss. Blueberries, according to a May 2005 study in the Journal of Experimental Neurology>, may even reverse the effects of blood deprivation in the brain, like that experienced with strokes.

The study, conducted by researchers at the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse and that the University of South Florida Hospital, revealed that rats on diets containing blueberry, spinach, or spirulina not only was significantly fewer mind cells, and smaller regions of their brains, damaged following a flow of blood interruption, they also recovered a much greater capacity for movement. Blueberries are quickly establishing themselves as the nutrient Bluebloods of the fruits and vegetable kingdom.

Ongoing research in their almost miraculous potential shows that they restore that the speed with that old rats respond into sounds, they help keep arteries relaxed under stress, reducing the high blood pressure level and the arteriosclerosis which might lead to strokes, and, since the above study shows, help reduce brain harm from strokes themselves.