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Developing the Right Brain of a Child!? What Is the Shichida Method?


Dr Makoto Shichida founds the Shichida Method. He’s a figure in Japan with over 40 years of experimentation with techniques to excite the development of the right brain education of the kid. Right brain instruction is about creating children to have greater significance, imagination, and innovative thinking, besides academic accomplishments. Its schooling principles derive from the feeling of cooperation, oneness, and love. In terms of brain-centered schooling, its focus on competition and confrontation. Every child between ages zero to 3 years are believed to be a genius. It is because the kid is able to soak up or accept info at an amazing rate.

We as parents may raise our children economically and differently, we understand how a baby‘s brain works between age zero. The most crucial thing in the onset of a new baby kid instruction is language, particularly vocabulary. The use of flashcard as a tool is very important. Flash the cards to your kid at a fast speed plus they’ll learn with lightning speed. The brain works at a fast speed. Either side of the brain function. So whenever you input a lot of info at an extremely fast speed, that’s whenever you activate the right brain. In Shichida classes, flashcard isn’t only utilized as tools.

There are activities like eye exercises, picture play, ESP games, memory games, film flashcard, sing and dancing, story books, playing cards, and many others are utilized. What’s the benefit of the right brain instruction of the Shichida Method? They might have an amazing concentration and consuming power, although Kids will not just have creative thinking and imagination. Learning in school will be simple as they have an excellent foundation., it is possible to visit.