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There is a difference between the logical mind and the correct brain


Not anymore. Over the last fifteen years, the methods utilized to study with this has our comprehension, and the brain has progressed considerably. That makes the job of describing the organ in the body, well. Back to basics – the brain’s anatomy is unquestionably defined and the fundamental of our functions have been mapped. The lower levels, like the brainstem, regulate functions like heart rate, breathing, and maintaining consciousness. And the cerebellum is crucial for regulation and the control of motion. Whilst it was believed this was its purpose recently the cerebellum has been shown to have the role in so-called functions such as emotion and cognition.

The assignment of function to structure becomes distinct, as we move to the higher levels of the mind the cortex, where functions get involved. Hemispheres – The cortex is divided into two hemispheres each. Brain functions, such as visual perception, language, memory, spatial ability and problem-solving, have been traditionally allocated to one such lobe and\/or hemisphere of the brain. This has caused quite a few misnomers concerning brain function, the most famous of which is the belief that there is a differentiation between the logical mind and the brain that was right. As mentioned below, such complicated behaviors aren’t determined by a particular brain area or a specific hemisphere.

The conceptualization of a nearly one-to-one connection between structure and purpose was largely a consequence of injury studies, where harm to a particular portion of the brain led to impairments in a certain function. But as our techniques of analyzing the mind became more complicated this approach was proven to be somewhat simplistic. We’ve come to a considerable manner from the phrenology of Franz Gall from the nineteenth century, wherein characteristics like secretiveness, self-esteem, and wonder were based on the shape of the skull, and the twentieth-century reliance on lesion studies to ascertain the operation of the different regions of the brain.

Connected network – We’re now developing an understanding that complicated, high-level brain functions are due to a number of mind areas working together, in what are termed networks. This was a result of techniques like Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which allows us to look at their entirety of mind areas involved with certain roles, with newer programs allowing the visualization of connections between these brain regions. This isn’t to say that there’s no separation of function through the brain.