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This is a Tutorial to Orientate Yourself to Structures of the Mind with Regard.


Okay, so the is a tutorial on the elements of the mind. That’s a tutorial and I would like to give you an overview. There’s not going to be a lot of detail here, but this is a tutorial to orientate yourself to structures of the mind with regard. Read – Brain Stem – start off by looking in the brain stem. Firstly, I will just point out what we are looking at here. We’re taking a look at a side view of the mind. Anterior is the side, posterior is superior, and the side and inferior. You can see it sits there and the veins.

I am simply going to rotate it around and we will have a look at the brain stem. The brain stem is the piece here and it is made up of 3 components. You have got the midbrain, the pons, and the medulla oblongata. It begins towards the end of the pons, and the medulla oblongata is the piece here, which is distal or inferior where the cord begins and it ends. The spinal cord starts at the opening of the skull in the foramen magnum, and that’s where the medulla oblongata ends. Above it, you’ve got. And above the pons, you have got the midbrain.

What I will do is isolate the brain stem. We are looking in the exact same view. You’ve got the marrow in their bottom, their pons and their midbrain over it. Midbrain – The midbrain is the region here and it consists of, so, at the front, you have got these bits, that are called cerebral peduncles and, in the back, you have got these little form of hills, and these are named the corpora quadrigemina, and that is Latin for quadruplet bodies since obviously there are four little bumps. The top ones are called upper colliculi and the bottom two are called inferior colliculi.

And their word colliculi will be Latin for lower hills, due to their appearance. These colliculi sit on their tectum, so their tectum is a form of the roof of the midbrain. Therefore, tectum means roof in Latin, so corpora quadrigemina sit on the tectum of their midbrain. The midbrain is the structure here. You’ve got the cerebral peduncles and you have the tectum with the four colliculi.

Therefore, nuclei are collections of cell bodies, that are contained in the nerve system. Sorry, in the nerve system, whereas ganglia are collections of cell bodies in their peripheral nerve system. And after that, you have lots of cranial nerve nuclei and nuclei related to their cerebellum, which I am just about to show you. Cerebellum – I have just switched back to the model and I will just show the cerebellum.