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Do You Know What the Mind is?


Most of us know just what our mind is, right? It is that 3 lbs of the mass of white and grey matter in our minds serving to coordinate and control actions. OK. Now, define the mind. Not as simple, eh?! You might be amazed to find that there is no single. The psychiatric, mental medical and health professions each have their very own functional definitions. Surprising to me is that, by default, there is a mind that is healthful thought of as one.

Really? I’d hope it may get better than that. Dr. Daniel Siegel, a more professor of psychiatry at UCLA faculty of Medicine, co director of that the UCLA Conscious Awareness Research Center, executive director of that the Mindsight Institute and author of many books, teaches the idea of that the Triangle of Well Being to portray optimal mental health. This was developed by him in the discipline of study which became famous as neurobiology. Siegel writes: it is a lens through which we incorporate the mind, might understand our lives with clarity, and enhance our relationships. Mindsight is a type of attention that allows us to find the workings of our minds. 

He suggests that this is just one part of it. On Well Being’s Triangle, every stage of the triangle is a vital element to wellness. One point is nerve system and the brain that are info flow and the mechanisms by which energy through our beings. Our senses take in info from the environment. These become electric signals which travel throughout the nerve system into the mind that, then, gives them meaning and responds through releasing neurochemicals and sending electrical signals which, in turn, modulate the body, control motion and influence emotions. A second stage on that the Triangle of Well Being is relationships that are the means by which info and energy are shared. 

A necessary part of the brain is composed of that the relational process of energy and info flowing between and among people. This happens throughout the spoken or written word. These routines form the flow of energy and info within us, and we share them with some other minds. The 3rd point on the triangle is the brain which is the process which regulates this flow of info and energy. In Mindsight, he writes: Consider the act of driving. To drive or regulate an automobile, you should both be aware of its movement and its position in space and also be capable to influence how it moves.

– The brain observes and monitors the flow of energy and info across time while changing it by giving it features and patterns. Since of neuroplasticity, which is that the capacity of that the mind to create new neural connections and grow new neurons in response to thoughts and experience, every stage on that the triangle influences that the others, and that the flow of energy and info along this triangle goes in all directions.