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A Central Nervous System Comprising the Brain and Spinal Cord


A man in addition to another group of the vertebrates nerve system is split into 3 parts: 1. A central nervous system comprising the brain and spinal cord. A peripheral nervous system consisting of cranial and spinal nerves. An autonomic nervous system including sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. Central Nervous System : Structure: It’s the most complicated and extremely specialized organ of the body.

An adult human brain weighs approximately 1400 gms. And has a volume of approximately 1500 c.c. It is enclosed in a case known as cranium which protects the brain against trauma. Meninges. The brain is being encompassed by 3 membranes called meninges. The meninges are: Outer dura mater is a tough membrane present beneath the cranium.

The middle arachnoid layer having a work of Fibres. Pia mater is blood vessel membrane, and a thin, translucent near the surface of the mind and spinal cord. At two places the parameter and the dorsal surface of the mind to form plexus fuse together. The mind is protected by the meninges. The distance between arachnoid and dura mater is the space and the distance between pia mater and arachnoid is known as space. These spaces surrounding the brain and also the cavities inside the brain are filled up with lymphatic fluid, called cerebrospinal fluid. The cerebrospinal fluid can be present inside the spinal cord.

Function: The fluid maintains a constant pressure, helps in the exchange of nutrients along with waste products between the blood and tissue and protects the nerve system from shock. The mind consists of two types of tissues, Grey thing on White and the side thing on the side. The former is made of nerve cells that were non whereas the latter consists of nerve cells. The mind or encephalon is popularly a white, bilaterally symmetrical structure. It’s divided into 3 main parts: – 1. Forebrain or Prosencephalon – 2. Midbrain or Mesencephalon – 3. Hind mind or Rhombencephalon – Fore Brain: It’s the anterior part of the mind and largest among the 3 parts.

It consists of 3 parts: a. Olfactory lobes. B. Cerebral hemispheres and – c. Diencephalon. Olfactory Lobes: The anterior-most part from that the foremind is a pair of olfactory lobes. They consist of an anterior club-shaped olfactory bulb along with posterior olfactory tract. The cavity of that the olfactory lobes or rhinocoel isn’t well marked. The olfactory lobes of human being aren’t significantly developed as seen in lower vertebrates. The olfactory lobes are the centers of smell. Cerebral Hemispheres: The cerebral hemispheres or cerebrum is popular that the largest part of that the mind occupying about two 3rd of the entire brain.