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The science of the brain and what effects meditation leave on our brain.


Meditation, an art of calming your mind, body and soul, a mental discipline by that you move your mind to a state of relaxation from the condition of reflexive thinking, an essential component of many religions which is practiced since antiquity, a science by which you can alter your brainwaves to achieve a deep relaxation and satisfaction. Meditation has been defined and described in various disciplines in various ways. It’s been practiced in various forms in different sections and portions of the society. However, the science behind it remains the same. The science of the brain and what effects meditation leave on our brain or how it stimulates our brain remains the same, regardless of the form, method or way it’s practiced.

How our brain works?

So how our brain works? Our brain is an electrochemical organ which uses electromagnetic energy to function. Electrical energy is emitted by the brain in the shape of brainwaves. There are four categories of those brainwaves which range from the high amplitude, low-frequency delta to low amplitude, high-frequency beta. These various kinds of brainwaves are accountable for generating various kinds of emotions and behaviors. Meditation makes these brainwaves alter and stimulate the waves accountable for relaxation and non-arousal. So scientifically, meditation is the process of altering the brainwaves to stimulate the specific waves accountable for relaxation and satisfaction.

The simplest way to stimulate your brain is thru your ears

So the immediate question which comes up in the mind is that whether it’s possible to motivate those specific brainwaves through a simpler way which doesn’t require so much focus and attention as meditation does? The answer is, Yes. Scientists have found that the simplest way to stimulate your brain is thru your ears, through various sounds of various frequencies. That is why you feel calm whenever you hear some nice music and get irritated in excess noise. Still, some of the sounds necessary for proper stimulation of the brain are outside our normal hearing frequency. These sounds, though, can be produced with a method called binaural beats’.

Binaural beat.

It’s been found that if sounds at separate source frequencies are fed into each of your ears, they’ll ultimately cause a brand new frequency to be created inside the brain. This new frequency is the mean of the two source frequencies, and a special beat will seem to resonate a number of times depending solely upon the distinction in the two frequencies. So can this stimulation be generated artificially to easily attain the advantages of meditation in a lot less time? Obviously. In fact, products have been developed using this scientific meditation technique. One such product is Holothink’s Deep Zen Meditation Audio Package which consists of binaural beat technology incorporated in nice pleasant music. You simply need to listen to nice pleasant music while Deep Zen Meditation audio music stimulates your brain to achieve great relaxation, increased creativity, intelligence, mental functioning, and better sleeping pattern.