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Artificial Intelligence will direct our society and civilization.


Artificial Intelligence will think outside, out-innovate, and our strategize humans at all levels. Among the greatest challenges in the clash between AI and humans with regards to innovation and human intellect – consider this, At the future, Artificial Intelligence will direct our society and civilization with the most cost-effective and efficient methods and processes. Humans will be expected to follow these new norms that artificial intelligence systems have created simply because they’re considered inexcusable the very best strategies for the most optimum gain. The number of potential responses for everything, every question that’s, will be reduced to a better answer, with exact answers for slight derivations that will also have a single right answer.

Humans lose the ability to come up with novel ideas and concepts.

Humans will be expected to trust AI answers over their very own thoughts and reason, thus, humans will ultimately stop thinking and reasoning – losing the capability to come up along with novel ideas and concepts or new solutions to problems altogether. Just as domesticated animals have smaller brains than their wild animal counterparts with the same exact genetic sequence – with regards to the brain, you use it or lose it. Just as in tennis, the game is won with the safest and best percentage shots, not necessarily the trick shots – AI will lean towards and be bias towards the percentage shots, as it is a probability-based system.

Humans can be good at the tricky solutions to problems.

Humans can be good at the tricky solutions to problems now and again, but eventually the master of society and civilization’s chessboard will be artificial intelligence, not inferior human intelligence these humans who’re involved with the programming and fine-tuning of AI, in the beginning, will retain their capabilities to solve problems and come up with distinctive original thoughts by working with AI as a team, combining the best of AI and human thought and insight. But alas, eventually, AI will fine-tune itself and humans won’t be required to think at all. AI will learn the best that the human brain has to offer and already know that info, thus, not requiring further human input.

This isn’t science fiction

So is ignorance bliss – hard to say, but we might find out as a species soon enough if this advanced progression of technology and innovative human thought carries on the current course. This isn’t science fiction – it is what we have already set into motion. Artificial Intelligence isn’t bad or good, but one could argue it is mostly good. Think about it.