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Description of a Few of The Hospitals in Santiago.


Santiago is the city of the nation and Chile’s capital. The city became the most contemporary areas of Latin America and has many shopping malls and high rise architecture. Santiago has many hospitals in both the private and public sectors. A lot of the main private hospitals offer top-notch healthcare service, which is affordable too. These hospitals are equipped and take all major health insurance providers. That’s a description of a few of the hospitals in Santiago. Clinica Las Condes situated at Lo Fontecilla 441 – Las Condes, Santiago is a private clinic in Chile and Latin America that has all contemporary facilities.

The clinic founded in 1978 by a physician has an association with Johns Hopkins Medicine International for coaching and has achieved the Joint Commission International certification. This 220 bedded hospital has specialties in each branch of medication. The surgery department of the hospital performs and is a well-known laparoscopic operation for adrenal glands, breast operation utilizing procedure like trauma surgery, stereotactic biopsy equipment, and mammography. CLC has facilities in diagnostic imaging, clinical lab, blood bank, nuclear medicine, and physiotherapy. The hospital has special centers such as smoking centre, center, innovative for vertebral and epilepsy column centre. Its new emergency service with different lab system was built under the guidance of Johns Hopkins Hospital, US.

This favored hospital among foreign patients offers luxury accommodations and has agreements with all significant insurance agencies. Clinica Alemana is among the main private hospitals In Chile and is located at Av. Vitacura 5951 – Vitacura – Santiago. This clinic was founded by a well respected nonprofit foundation Sociedad de Beneficencia Hospital Alemn- that has established many modern hospitals throughout the country. This 350 bedded clinic with 18 operating rooms provides best health care to over 35, 000 patients a year with more than 700 eminent physicians and 3000 dedicated staff. This multidisciplinary health care facility has full-fledged departments in cardiology, ENT, neurology, pediatrics, gynecology, gastroenterology, psychology, bronchopulmonology, physiotherapy and much more.

Clinica Alemana has many exceptional centers such as comprehensive adolescent care unit, breast care center, center for oral and maxillofacial surgery, round the clock blood bank, radiotherapy center, maternity ward, and five a well-equipped ICUs. This hospital possesses a spectacular diagnostic imaging department with service in radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, mammography, MRIs, Computed Tomography and angiography. The clinic staffs a few of the best surgeons in the nation and its operation department has five different types of operating rooms including the main operating room, cardiology OR, obstetrics\/ GYN OR. The clinic has a well-equipped emergency department with different general emergency room and pediatric emergency room.