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Air Pollution is The Greatest Enemy of Human Health


Some observations that are interesting are thrown up by A look at news headlines around the world. The theme that joins these stories is the impact they’ve on health. At the first instance, a bacteria outbreak of the E. 38 individuals in 20 US states have influenced between May 2016 and December 2015. The deadly E. Coli can cause diarrhea, as well as the most affected, are babies individuals and people with weak immune systems. The 2nd headline causes great anxiety among scientists and investigators since the study showed that almost 80% of UK teens had inadequate D vitamin levels even in the peak of summer.

What’s even more alarming is the children that are surveyed were white skinned, as we know skin that is white is sensitive to the ultraviolet B rays and need minimum sun exposure of the sun to produce amounts of the vitamin. The participants were exposed to adequate quantities of sunshine daily and their diet comprised Vitamin-D and supplements fortified foods such as cheese, butter, eggs, red meat, and fish. D vitamin is very little may be obtained from the foods we eat and synthesized within that the body when it is exposed to sun, it strengthens the fact that action is becoming less significant and less among adolescents.

The 3rd headline is something we read about almost on a regular basis. Researchers have been analyzing and minutely investigated various reports on the connection between air pollution and hypertension’. Since the 1990 s, air pollution amounts have been rising all around the world. It’s now been found that exposure to sulfur dioxide in fossil fuels as well as particulate dust matter in that the air even in that the brief term aside from that the long term exposure to nitrogen dioxide associated who have vehicle exhaust fumes and discharges in power plants etc. May cause serious risks of high blood pressure as well as inflammation of that the arteries leading to cardio blood vessel diseases. 

Health is defined as the degree of metabolism and operational efficiency of a living organism. At that the human context, it reflects the ability of people and societies to adapt and deal with situations when faced along with physical, social and mental challenges. The World Health Organization charter in its definition of wellbeing describes it as a state of complete well-being in all aspects, not simply an absence of disease or illness. Nevertheless, there are a broad array of factors that influence human health that is known as determinants of health’. These determinants, as laid out by WHO, include that the economic, physical and social environment of a person as well as her or his behavior and characteristics. At that the modern world, that the leading causes that affect human wellbeing are daily stress in physical, psychological and mental contexts.