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Maximizing human brain function. Relationship between children’s brain !


Lesson Purpose: To show that the human mind is a special present, however it must be developed to succeed in life. It’s two sided and self programmed.: Taylor Jones. The lightning bug is brilliant, but he has not any mind, He stumbles through existence with his head light on behind. E. If you’d another brain, it’d be lonely. Common Saying. The human mind controls the actions of the body and interprets impulses from cells that transmit sound, optical, chemical along with other messages. One 6th of all individuals are left handed, and routine functions are monitored by the right 50% of the brain.

The left 50% of their brain handles the complex interpretations necessary for many brain functions. Most other individuals are right handed, and routines are managed from the left side of the brain. Many researcher see the Hand of God in the optics of the eye and the brains capability to interpret them. Their are many miracles in the anatomy of human body controlled by the brain. The brain is slow in developing, taking about sixteen years to reach its full potential. The scarecrow said he was a failure because he did not have a brain. Dorothy asked what he’d do with a brain if he’d one. 

Dorothy told his that with All of that thinkin he’d be another Lincoln, if he only had a brain. What did the scarecrow really need? Confidence. He already had a working brain. Most kids can speak fully coherent and grammatically correct sentences by the time they’re 3 years old. Do not little kids learn all the names of the dinosaurs very rapidly? Some kids have natural creative talent and show it early. The thing is that kids need to be interfaced with lots of subjects while they’re young. If you write a poem, your kid will want to write a poem. 

If you write a story, your kid will want to write a story. If you study birds, your kid will want to study birds. Do a lot of different things with your kids to help them find their interest early. Television is good if you’re selective about what you or your kids watch. Television can be a bug out from exposing your kids to educational experiences. You simply need to make some constraints in order that your kids won’t be deprived of a real education that only you can give them.