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Man-Machine Systems – All That You Need To Know


In America, throughout the ’80s there was curiosity from Artificial Intelligence’s stadium. The skepticism of the 1990s has in most cases passed, and among the main industrial and scientific challenges of the nineteenth century is the evolution of Artificial Intelligent Systems. Speaking in a conference in Buenos Aires in 1995, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. Remarked, These highways, or more precisely, networks of distributed intelligence, will permit us to share information, to connect, and also to communicate as a global network. From a historical perspective, AIS appeared in the last century due to the evolution of man-machine systems, wherein the functions of machine and man are interrelated for the functioning of these systems.

A craftsman running a functioning lathe, a motorist and his running car, and the employees and machinery in a power station all kind man-machine systems. In a man-machine system, the individual operator provides the goal, management, and integration. In the procedure for man-machine systems development, the role of a man has diminished relative to the function of the machinery he operates. To execute routine functions, machines are equipped with control subsystems, and the subsequent man machines systems have been known as Semi-automatic systems. Progressively, many semi-automatic programs have transformed into automatic programs.

Today, these cars are equipped with very advanced programmable management systems and various types of sensory devices, enabling them to perform many individual tasks, including creative problem, solving. Consequently, this preconditions for this birth of artificial intelligence appeared. Ray Kurzweil, in his very intriguing book, The Singularity is Real, found an appropriate metaphor to describe this process of computer programs dissemination. It’s a fair statement regarding Artificial Intelligence as well. In recent years some AI, Some AI programs have successfully copied selected human mind functions, and prolonged human cognitive and decision-making abilities. Modern computer systems that may, for instance, choose an optimal decision, or even make a rational analysis of external influences to this decision, are intelligent programs.

Historically, the term Intelligence was correlated with government organizations dedicated to the gathering of info to purposes of national security and defense, like the Central Intelligence Agency in America. Today, this term has a broader meaning, with practical applications to real programs and products. Artificial Intelligence Systems will be the realization of artificial intelligence science. The term, AI can be used to describe an intellect property of new machines or programs. Many AI experts will be predicting that by the center of this century, intelligent machinery will be all around us. Just about all of the machinery around us are rapidly becoming Intelligent, with the help of intelligent applications. With the advanced computer-based systems utilized in traffic control or manufacturing control, it’s reasonable to retain the human capability to solve bottleneck problems in real time.