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The brain makes up only 2% of our body weight but takes 20% of the energy produced.


The Brain is the instrument of the mind, the body is the servant of the mind. The Brain is the most complex part of the nerve system. The Brain is surrounded and protected by the bones of the skull, by the meninges, and by the cerebrospinal fluid. The brain is made of many parts. Each part has a specific function.1. To defend colour2. Change sound into speech3. To distinguish4. To register fear5. To recognize the brain controlled by currents and chemicals. The brain makes up only 2% of our body weight but takes 20% of the energy produced. The energy comes from glucose and oxygen brought by the blood.

Whenever your blood glucose that’s, sugar is low, you feel hungry and irritable. Your brain parts shut down its operation in order that you become very weak and tired. Now let’s look at the brain. The brain is as big as a coconut, almost the shape of a walnut. It’s two hemispheres that are covered in a thin skin of deeply wrinkled gray skin called the cerebral cortex. In the very back of the Brain, tucked under its tail lies the cerebellum the little brain. Each 50% of the cerebrum is divided into four lobes.1. In the very back lies the Occipital lobe.

The Occipital Lobe is made up entirely of visual processing areas.2. The lower side around the ears is the Temporal Lobe. The temper’s lobes deal with sound, comprehension and some aspects of memory.3. The top portion is the Parietal Lobe. The parietal lobe deals mainly with works connected with movement, orientation, Calculation and some types of recognition.4. In front is the Frontal Lobe. The frontal lobe deals with the most integrated brain functions. Thinking, Conceptualizing, and planning. They also play a significant role in our emotions. The Cerebral Cortex controls all of your voluntary movements. It receives all of your conscious body sensations.

It’s accountable for Learning, Judgement, Creativity and some of our emotions. Most of the people depend more on the left hemisphere of their brain and from the right. That’s why many individuals are right handed. The left hemisphere in most right-handed individuals is accountable for producing and understand speech, reading, writing and logical thinking. The right hemisphere is much more important in the perception of music, artistic ability, creativity, and emotions. The cortex functions at a slower rate when we’re sleeping than when we’re awake. If a specific part of the Cortex is affected in case of Stroke will result in a loss of function associated with that part. So a Stroke in the left hemisphere will paralyze all or part of the right side of the body and can cause a loss of capability to speak.