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What is the impact of Demystified the power of the human brain?


For hundreds of years, man knew the existence of subconscious and its power. Many stories reported that the power might Being exploited to speed up bodily healing and improve mental state. Interestingly, none had come out with scientific explanations. And worst still, many individuals were told by serpent oil peddlers that the subconscious is something spiritual. Confused no more. Learn the scientific truth now. The subconscious is in fact the consequence of changing state in the dormant brain. And each state uses different wave frequencies ranges.

First, how do we know that the state can be measured by wave frequency? In 1924, German researcher, Hans Berger, was the first to revolutionize Electroencephalogram or brain wave test. This test measures the tiny voltage fluctuations from the brain. The intensity of it’s defined by the wave pattern which is also the frequency. Today, scientists have found that human brain usually operates at active Beta wave state. The frequency is usually around 13 to 40 Hz. This is associated with heightened concentration, and acute visual. 

Where is the subconscious and once does it happen? The subconscious becomes dominant when the brain wave slows down through 3 frequencies ranges: ALPHA WAVES – Around 7 to 12 Hz: When individuals rest, unwind, or meditate, Alpha wave pattern might be found from the brain. It gets more stable when eyes are close. This state is also considered by many as the gateway to creativity and genius. People who’re induced to this state are going to access the wealth of creativity that lies just beneath the conscious awareness. Speaking of genius, believe it or not, it’s not always inherited by gene. 

It’s the result when the brain is nourished and trained to work at Alpha and Theta stage. Whenever people enter this stage that’s directly on the threshold of subconscious sleep, they frequently experience a heavenly rest with no worry, but all bliss. This activates the hidden intuition. They’re receptive to info beyond normal conscious awareness. They become extremely creative. Theta has also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. This type of meditation enhances learning, and awakens extrasensory perception. DELTA WAVES – .Close to 0Hz to around 4Hz. Delta waves find themselves in a deep sleep state or deep meditation. 

Creativity and intuition is further strengthened. Long lost memory will be recalled. Occasionally, people can remember past dreams vividly. The subconscious part of the brain is completely inside force without the clutter of external interference. This is also when the healing of damaged cells gets faster. In fact, latest research uncover that Delta waves trigger the release of Human Growth Hormones. This is beneficial to healing. It’s also signal that in this state, the brain cells reset the sodium and potassium ratio.