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Scientists Could Finally Have a Concrete Explanation of Why Kids Are Best at Learning New Languages


There have for ages been many questions on why kids are much more efficient in learning a second or a 3rd language when compared to adults. Scientists could finally have a concrete explanation of why kids are best at learning new languages. With the help of animation technology and MRI, the brains of several kids have been studied by researchers from UCLA. Their discovery pointed to the kid‘s capability to process language info on a region of their brain that differs from the region that adults use. There are numerous areas in the brain that control different functions. Actions, like driving an automobile or riding a bike no longer, requires individuals to consciously think of moving their hands and legs in coordination.

These actions are done because of people’s automatic brain functions. To connect this to learning a brand new language, kids actually use this automatic area of the brain in learning, thus, a second language to them is much like second nature. Adults who wish to learn of a brand new language use a different area of their brain. This is why it’s best to become bilingual or multilingual during childhood since the brain operates a little differently as compared with normal adult brain functions. You may still find chances for those who’re under 18 to catch up and learn new languages. 

It is because an opportunity to inculcate skills and info into the deep motor region of the brain is open till the age of 18, but with every year that passes, the window to this brain closes slowly each time. This would explain why adults have to think in their native language and translate words into a second language, unlike kids who’d think automatically in another language. Studies of the neurology of acquiring a brand new language have been proven to be useful. Learning the different geographic locations in the brain where info and skills are stored for both adults and kids would give language educators the opportunity to improve their lesson presentations and instructions.

Children who learn accents and sounds at an earlier age will be far better off than individuals who consciously study these sounds at a final part of their lives. Other advantages of Learning a Different Language Early On. Learning a foreign language is easier for kids than most adults and in addition to this great advantage, kids have also been proven to do better in school, have better problem-solving skills, are more open to diversity, and score much higher on standardized tests. This is according to Francois Thibaut who’s in charge of The Language Workshop for Children. There are 9 schools around the East Coast who’ve participated on the said workshop.