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Is Learning Another Language Bad for Brain Growth?


For decades psychologists cautioned against raising kids bilingual. They warned parents and teachers that studying another language was bad for brain growth. But the latest research has found exactly the opposite. Researchers think that people learn another language, they develop benefits that enhance self-control, their attention, and capacity to cope with the information. The benefits of bilingualism have been put all, today. The first graders – Arrowhead Elementary in Santa Clara, Utah’s first graders, are currently giggling.

Jing Sun, their mathematics tutor, has made a subtraction joke. She asked, Where did he run off, erased one, and drew circles on a whiteboard? The kids think it’s humorous. Its a joke which may be made in any grade mathematics course across the US except here, in Utah, facing a classroom full of kids Ms., in braids and crew cuts Sun is talking Mandarin Chinese. ! English is not allowed here. As well as the students in this course, who’ve been in Arrowheads program that is Chinese about two months, appear to comprehend anything Ms. Sun is saying.

At Arrowhead Elementary, 50% of the kindergarteners, first pupils and second graders spend 50% of every Day in courses taught entirely in Mandarin Chinese. This model of language education is called double immersion: The pupils learn civics and reading from English, and mathematics and science in a second language. Arrowhead implemented its immersion program 3 Years ago, hiring native Mandarin talking teachers through really a partnership between the Chinese authorities and the state of Utah. Principal Susan Harrah initially faced some resistance from parents and staff. Our faculty just weren’t prepared for it, she says. Many of all they weren’t dual immersion teachers, so many of them hadn’t bitter emotions, but they didn’t want to have a part of all sorts of a language program at all.

I’ve to say that I wasn’t for it, says Jackie Fonnesbeck, you of Arrowheads kindergarten teachers. I was very concerned about the mathematics, because that’s where they are learning the fundamentals, and I felt like they needed to have really a very good, strong base from English before they learn it from Chinese. 3 Years to the program, Arrowheads immersion skeptics became its greatest fans. Test scores for immersion pupils in the school are slightly higher than they’re for non-immersion kids. There’s a waiting list to get in the program. And the school’s educators even the English language ones are today big supporters. I do not think the immersion children know that they are doing anything special, says kindergarten tutor Kris Seely.