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How to find out the earth’s interior?


The earth’s interior has a number of layers. The main layers are the earth’s crust, earth’s mantle, and the earth’s core. In addition to these major layers, scientists divide the mantle into the upper and lower mantle. The core is divided into a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.

Earthquake waves

Researchers studying the inner of the Earth use earthquake waves to determine what lies beneath our legs because it’s impossible for drilling equipment to drill to the core of the Earth. Earth’s interior layers, NASA – P waves – P waves speed up when rocks change density. This is how a mantle-crust boundary was discovered. The earthquake waves speed up at the limit and are slightly deflected by the higher density of the rocks. S waves – S waves, produced by all earthquakes, are stopped when they reach the outer core of the Earth. S waves travel only through solids. They don’t travel through liquids and gases. Isaac Newton’s measurements – Three hundreds of years ago Isaac Newton calculated the average density of our planet. He used his study of the planets and the pull of gravitation to determine the average density of Earth. He discovered that the rocks in the inner of the Earth had to be much denser than crustal rocks found on the surface of the Earth.

Earth’s density

Earth’s density – Today scientists have many more tools to study the Earth and have determined that Newton’s estimate of the Earth’s density was essentially correct. The density of the continental crust is between 2.7 and 3.0 g\/cm. The density of the oceanic crust is between 3.0 and 3.3 g\/cm. The average density of the core is 10.7 to 12 g\/cm. The interior core, which is solid, is about 13.5 g\/cm. Earth’s cores – The Earth’s core has two layers which are mainly iron. The increasing heat and pressure are so great that the iron and its alloys became solid in the interior core.

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The two kinds of crusts that make up this layer of the Earth

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