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Carbohydrates are Not Bad! Know The Needs! !


Of all the trendy diets on the market, I believe the carbohydrate diets to be some of the very destructive as far as nutrition goes. With that said, there are carbohydrates you should steer clear of such as carbohydrates, but there are many healthy food choices on the market and carbohydrates are needed by our bodies. The choices like whole grains and veggies, fruits provide. Carbohydrates help to modulate glucose in the body that may help keep you from feeling lethargic as will help to keep your appetite if you are eating. Carbs help prevent your system from breaking down your muscle.

What’s the point of exercising if your body is eating away that you are working so difficult for? The recommendations are persistent if you do some research an active person should be eating. The explanation for this inconsistency is the amount of carbohydrates you eat depend on the kind of carbohydrates you’re eating, how active you’re, body type, your health goals, etc. Approximately 50% of your meal should be whole wheat foods veggies, fruits, and high fiber carbohydrates. If you’re attempting to shed weight, most of those carbohydrates should be coming from veggies, but you do not have to eliminate whole grains and fruits from your diet.

Fruits post workout and eating whole grains can actually be beneficial. There are many carb choices that are healthful to mention all of them, so this is simply to give a few ideas to you. If you are not certain about food, don’t hesitate to ask me. Note the if that you look at the ingredient list of any food which has the words whole wheat on the package and the first ingredient on the list doesn’t say whole wheat or whole grain, it isn’t whole wheat. Wheat flour or enriched wheat flour is only alternative terms for white flour. It is an advertising device that a lot of food producers use to trick the consumer into thinking they’re buying something healthful, so beware. You may also find articles written by Shellie in Kentucky Monthly Magazine.