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traumatic brain injury, send an estimated 1 million individuals to the doctor’s office every year.


The brain is an essential organ that’s the hub of your character, sensory perception, heartbeat and breathing regulation, muscular control, and several other stuff. Therefore, when it’s injured, you might lose control of any of those things and more. While it’s obvious that your brain may suffer when a puncture wound breaks throughout the skull, it could also be damaged with closed head trauma.

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury, also called intracranial injury, send an estimated 1 million individuals to the doctor’s office every year. Of those, 50, 000-100, 000 will suffer long term issues from the injury. These brain injuries can be caused by a wide range of different factors, like vehicular accidents, bike wrecks, pedestrian accidents, occupational accidents, falls, assaults, and several others.

Risk of internal harm to the brain

The purpose of the skull is to provide a hard, protective shield to the brain. Nevertheless, when the head is severely shaken, it can damage the brain without showing an external sign of damage. 

The bleeding.

First, one risk of internal harm to the brain is the bleeding. As the brain is jostled about in the skull, it can tear the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrition to the organ. More dangerous, as the blood carries on to flow within the skull, it can build up pressure within the skull. Since the blood has nowhere to go, it starts to press on the brain. With prolonged pressure, portions of the brain can die off. This is the same with swelling of the brain.

The tearing

One other problem is tearing. Even though it appears like the brain is closely packed inside the skull, there’s some space that allows it to slide from one end of the skull to the other. This is frequently named coup countercoup injury because harm can happen on the side that initially hits and also the side of the rebound. For example, if you’re in a frontal car wreck, your brain will slide forward with the original momentum of the vehicle. Then, after hitting that forward end of your brain, it’ll bounce back and strike the rear of the skull. This motion can tear the actual brain tissue itself. Tearing can sever the important nerve connections that keep your body functioning. For instance, if the area that controls the electrical nodes in your heart is damaged, your heart can stop beating. Even when the injury doesn’t affect an area which has physical implications, it can still alter your normal behavior or interfere with your memory, among other stuff. Recovering from head injuries may take time, causing you to miss work along with other aspects of your daily life. In case you’ve suffered from closed head trauma, leading to brain injury, you should contact an attorney about your options.