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Our Little Cells Hold Stories That Are Strange and Secrets to Fill a Whole Book


The brain is an amazing organ. In the same time, its an extremely lump of matter that could survive the craziest accidents, unlock the secrets of the world, and turn. Certainly, our little cells hold stories that are strange and secrets to fill a whole book. Or a list, for that matter. 10. The Murderer Saved By Brain Scans – John McCluskey wasn’t a man. After escaping from an Arizona jail, he stole their truck, burned their bodies, and killed an elderly couple.

Finally, McCluskey was recaptured, tried, and convicted of murder. The sentencing stage was strenuous. The defense team had implemented. They had been presented by the attorneys and the images were weird. The PET scans showed 10 regions of McCluskey’s brain which were strangely inactive. And 17 areas worked overtime. For example, his amygdala often sent alarms to the rest of the mind and couldn’t interpret danger signals. McCluskey was defective and deformed, letting his wilder impulses to predominate, although Normally, the lobe keeps the trends under control. The defense lawyers also noted that a stroke, which subsequently influenced his capacity damaged his cerebellum.

He unable to commit murders and was a victim of biology. The Haas Murders had been spontaneous and out of McCluskey’s control. Regardless of the prosecutions counter-arguments, the defense staff achieved their goal. The jury couldn’t decide whether or not McCluskey have to perish, which meant which he was sentenced to life without parole. McCluskey’s mind had saved him from walking this green mile. Nevertheless, the jury’s decision poses several intriguing questions. Should abnormal brains be seen as mitigating factors or evidence of dangerous behavior? And where does free will come to the scenario? Well, let you deliberate for yourself.

9. The Strange Journey Of Einsteins Brain – Einstein was obviously a genius, and several of us have wondered every once in a while, How did his brain work? Pathologist Thomas Harvey wondered the exact same thing, and he decided to find out the answer. The last thing he wanted was mobs of zealous students gathering around his tomb, murmuring E = mc2 over and over. The only way to prevent his corpse from turning into a holy relic was to burn it to a crisp. That meant he wanted his mind fried, too. 

Nevertheless, Thomas Harvey didn’t care. Claiming he’d the permission of Princeton Hospital which he didntHarvey plucked out Einstein’s mind throughout the autopsy. It goes without saying, this was a big no-no.